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Smart Gadget Turns Any Surface Into A Remote Control


The startup company Knocki has an interesting idea to make the process of assembling your smart home a little easier. The Knocki device can be attached to tables, walls and other surfaces and allows you by just tapping on it to manage other gadgets, appliances and smartphones.

It can be programmed to recognize up to 10 different tapping patterns on the surface. Each of them can activate different functions or to submit a command. For example Knocki can send messages to the your mobile phone if someone is knocking on the front door.


The Future of Augmented Reality – Devices to Look For in 2016

The Future of Augmented Reality - Devices to Look For in 2016

Do you remember how the 3D TVs were announced as the next big thing in the technology? These predictions did not happen and a few years later leading manufacturers like Samsung, LG and Sony are about to completely drop the platform.

Over the years there have been many similar failures. Currently, the greatest hope of the IT sector is the virtual (VR) and the augmented reality (AR).

There were many similar projects in both segments. Yet even with the excessive noise around VR many experts believe that the augmented reality is the one to look-out for.


What Type of Weather Station to Choose for My Home


The digital weather station, residential and professional, is a multifunctional modern device designed to measure core weather indicators. If you are able to choose the right device you will always be aware of the temperature, pressure, humidity and other environmental parameters. In this article we will talk about what characteristics to look for when choosing a digital weather station, as well as what type and manufacturer to look for.


Healthy and Quality Sleep With Samsung’s SleepSense Tracker

Samsung SleepSense

We all know the importance of a good healthy 7-9 hours sleep intervals. A shortage of sleep can lead to many serious health problems such as fatigue, reduced productivity, forgetfulness, depression and whatnot. Meanwhile sleeping pills are not always a good solution, so the Samsung Company is offering something completely different – a new smart device called SleepSense.

Presented at IFA 2015, the widget monitors your night’s sleep and analyzes its cycles and when available – provides suggestions for improvement. While working the SleepSense device analyzed the duration and sleep quality, then create a custom reports and recommendations available to the user. All this data, from this Iot device, is available through mobile application.


How Do We Know If Our Wifi Router Is Protected

Rauter Security

Security of home networks is not to be underestimated. Nowadays we spend more andmore time on the Internet than in the real world. That is why we need new habits that will ensure our security on the network.


How The RFID chips Will Help Us Find Our Lost Belongings


Do you lose your belongings? How often?  If your answer is “yes”, then you can be rest assured: the technology work in your favor. For several years, researchers from different countries work on new applications of technology called RFID. The abbreviation comes from the English-language term “radio frequency identification” – technology that is used from the early 70s of the 20th century, but which gained momentum only recently thanks to a lower production costs.


Microsoft’s new Smartphones are Equipped With Liquid Cooling

MIcrosoft Lumia 050 and 950XL

Microsoft introduced two new mobile phones that will be the new flagship devices of the company. They rely on a liquid-cooling, in order to use more powerful processors. And it is necessary because the devices can be used as partial replacements for the PC.

This will be possible thanks to the Windows 10 platform Continuum, which is part of it. It allows the new phones like Lumia 950 and 950 XL to connect a small dock, and through it with a keyboard, mouse, and monitor. This automatically brings the interface of Windows 10 interface on to the computer monitor, and let the user use Windows embedded application.


One Futurologist Toughts on Internet of Things


From the several years one phrase – Internet of things – grabs the attention of experts and ordinary people, causing them to dream, theorize and discuss the benefits and negatives of the ability of wide range of devices to connect to each other. Indeed the ‘internet of things “is not a meaningless phrase, but a reality that does not conclude with the smart thermostats Nest.

Well, there are people who do not think so. “Internet of things is a myth, and such a device can have no social benefit, even to exist“. This Bold statement belongs to Dr. Alison Powell, a professor at the Faculty of Media and Communications at the London School of Economics & Technology, futurologist, who recently gave a lecture on security and protection of data, which was held by the “Royal Society”. Describing the IoT, as another modern phrase around which raises too much noise, Powell said that the concept of IoT has generated a huge amount of wishful assumptions and half-baked plans, like let us say persisting myth of internet-connected fridge. “It is a myth that already exists for 15 years – the idea that our refrigerator would be very good if it is connected to the Internet ” she says.


Why Vint Cerf believes that one day we may hear about refrigerators robbing banks


When in May 2000 ILOVEYOU worm made its premiere, revealing weaknesses to the world of computers and Internet, many experienced a real shock. Not that this was the first threat on the Internet, but the blow it made – losses calculated in billions of dollars made by the worm as well as its ability to smoothly penetrate in thousands of systems – echoed in the minds of people. Scenario, which until recently was seen only in Hollywood film, has become a reality in a night.

Today traditional network threats are already well known, though there is always constant stream of newer versions of old threats. But one scenario in which many IT experts warn, that many say looks so believable, as the appearance of ILOVEYOU in 1998, startle the dream of people caring for network security on Internet. It is about the dangers of taking control of thousands of interconnected objects and harnessing their powerful in massive botnet armies that can take down not only ordinary websites, but financial institutions and markets, infrastructures related to technology which helps “dumb” until now objects from everyday life to “get smart” talking with other things – TVs, vanities, refrigerators, thermostats and whatnot – an area that is so uncharted and risky – warn infosec  experts – while already on the market.


Apple Fuel Cells and Europe Recycling Crysis


Apple is well known for its applications for patents that describe devices powered by renewable energy sources such as solar energy and movement. No doubt the company continues to do just that. In a recently filed patent the company described a “portable and cost-effective fuel cell systems for portable computing device”, which seems that the company provides a device that can use several different energy source through the fuel cell.

Although the company has yet to produce such a machine powered by renewable energy, Apple seems quick to patent everything they could provide as possible use in future and current devices.

In his patent application Apple explains his interest in the use of fuel cells. The basis of this decision, according to the Apple is the dependence of her native country from fossil fuels, which forced the government to maintain complicated political and military relationships with unstable countries in the Middle East.”