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The Number of Climate Related Natural Disasters Has Almost Doubled

Natural disasters

Climate-related disasters – such as floods and heat waves – have occurred almost daily in the last decade, shows a UN report cited by “Reuters”. This is almost tow times more than the previous two decades, and the most affected country is Asia.


Southern Oceans Absorb Huge Amounts Of Carbon Dioxide


Oceans in the southern hemisphere of the Earth absorb more and more volumes of carbon dioxide – a major greenhouse gas, team of scientists had discovered.

The trend is increasing since 2002, but precise forecasting of its development is impossible, says the University of East England.

World Ocean absorbs huge amounts of carbon dioxide and almost half is accounted in waters surrounding Antarctica. These oceans and seas conditionally called Southern Ocean because they are located in the Southern Hemisphere.

Just like lungs, they absorb polluted air and exhale purified, as a significant portion of the carbon dioxide remains in the ocean. This is much more than quantity dismissed back into the atmosphere. Scientists believe that the Southern Ocean slows the pace of global warming.