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What Type of Weather Station to Choose for My Home


The digital weather station, residential and professional, is a multifunctional modern device designed to measure core weather indicators. If you are able to choose the right device you will always be aware of the temperature, pressure, humidity and other environmental parameters. In this article we will talk about what characteristics to look for when choosing a digital weather station, as well as what type and manufacturer to look for.

Types of digital weather stations

All the devices presented in our article are grate for tracking extreme weather and can be divideded into two main types:

  • Thermometers
  • Weather station

Digital thermometer

Indoor Digital Thermometer – a device of small size, having a liquid crystal display, which displays information about the temperature in the room. Some models have unite for measuring outside temperature and humidity.


  • Compactness
  • Low cost


  • Lack of functionality
  • Lack of sensors

Digital weather station

Home Digital weather station – is a multifunctional device, which in addition to the temperature is also measured atmospheric pressure, humidity, rain, and wind. Many devices of this type have a number of additional features, such as a radio, watch.

Other articles about choosing the best weather station: https://www.rebelmouse.com/weatherstation/how-to-choose-a-1568541430.html


  • Versatility
  • Descriptive display
  • Many additional features.


A disadvantage of such devices can be the high cost.

Tips for Choosing Digital weather stations

Measurement of temperature and range of operation

Digital weather stations may be able to measure the temperature of the environment not only indoors, but also outside. To do this, the device is equipped with a special remote sensor.

The range of temperature readings in different models can vary from -50 to +70 degrees.

Humidity measurement

Absolute humidity can be determined by a majority of digital weather stations. It is displayed as a percentage. The range of humidity varies in different models from 0 to 100%. Some of the models can displayed information about the humidity outside your home.

Measurement of atmospheric pressure and a range of indicators

Equipped with a built-in barometer digital weather station can display the atmospheric pressure. It is the same both inside and outside your home. It is measured in hectopascals or in millimeters of mercury. Indicators can vary from 195 to 1080 mmHg.

Type of remote sensor: wired or wireless?

Digital sensors are equipped with not only internal but also external (outrigger) sensors. Remote sensors, which are equipped on more expensive model of weather stations, can be both wired and wireless. Models with wired sensors have a lower cost, but are inconvenient to use, since the length of wire is limited. Models with wireless sensor have much more advantages, including ease of installation and good performance. Wireless sensors operate on batteries.

The maximum number of sensors and the number of sensors included

The package usually includes one sensor. If desired, you can additionally buy the desired number of sensors. The maximum number of sensors (external wireless) is almost unlimited. Using several sensors located in different parts of the apartment,  house or backyard, can give you the  most accurate information.

Reception sensor max distance

The maximum range of signal reception sensors can range from a few dozen to several hundred meters. Note that the specified maximum values ​​- is a guaranteed at a distance without any obstacles.

Refresh interval

The minimum frequency at which the sensor transmit the data to the base unit may varay from 5 seconds to 5 minutes in the different models. The more frequent updates the more data will be shown on the display. However, very frequent updates in most cases are not necessary, as a rule, an interval of several minutes is sufficient.

Power devices: standalone or network?

Digital home weather station can work independently, or from the network. The most functional devices are able to work on both type of supplies. The more functions, the more power it consumes. With lost of features and large power consumption the instrument is better connected to the network to the network.

Display Information


The information on the display device can be displayed only with the help of numbers or numbers combined with graphic symbols..

Size and length of the wire device

Digital home weather stations are usually quite compact in size and very light weight. When you select your device note the size of the screen – the bigger it is better the comfort when using of the device.

Useful functions of the digital weather station

Determination of wind speed and direction

Detection of wind speed and direction make it possible to more accurately determine the weather conditions outside of your house. These functions are available on some of the more expensive weather stations.

Weather forecast

The function of the weather forecast is only available on some of the more expensive models of weather stations. The weather station collects the data and analyzes it, and then makes the weather forecast for from several hours to days. To be able to “tell” the weather forecast, the device must have data storing function.

Backlit display

Backlit display provides comfort when you use the device in low light conditions. Some manufacturers produce models with multi-color backlight that delivers not only an aesthetic, but also practicallity. When outside is sunny, the display device turns yellow, rainy – blue, and cloudy – green.

Setting units

With most digital weather stations the user can choose his unit of operation. For example, to get information about temperature one can use Fahrenheit or Celsius.

Sound signals

With some weather stations occurrence of certain events may be accompanied by an audible signal, for example, sudden changes in temperature or pressure. With the sound signal the device can also report faults, or a low battery.

Remote control

It improves the usability of the device, allowing you to change some settings without the need for direct proximity to the device.


The availability of such connectors can be useful to you if you plan to transfer data from the weather station to your computer

Wall mount

Most of the models on the market today provide only on-the-table installation. Some of them may also be attached to the wall, which makes quite more ergonomic.

Additional features

For your convenience, quite often the manufacturers equip their digital home weather stations with some interesting additional features, including:

  • The display the current time.
  • The calendar. The screen displays the current day of the week, month and year.
  • Alarm clock.
  • Built-in radio. The built-in radio with speakers working in the FM-band. Such models are weather stations, as a rule, additionally equipped with telescopic antenna.
  • Moon calendar. The screen displays the current phase of the moon
  • Astrological calendar. The screen displays the zodiacal celestial bodies in the form of symbols.

Manufacturers of digital weather stations

When you start looking for high quality digital home weather station pay attention for  these top manufacturers:

  • Davice Instrument
  • Oregon Scientific
  • AcuRite
  • RainWise

Properly selected digital home weather station will allow you to always pick up the right clothes and plan your day according to current and future weather conditions.

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