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Google Is Introducing New Mobile Site Optimization Platform

Google AMPP

Google introduces new requirements on websites when they are open from mobile devices, and in the same time creating a new platform for mobile page creation. The initiative is called Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) and aims to improve the loading speed of mobile websites.

“We want websites with video, animations and graphics to work with smart ads and instantaneously. We want a single source code to run on different devices and platforms to enable content to be displayed anywhere regardless of the type of device you use” , says Google in its official blog.


This platform will be very useful, especially when searching for important information, and your connection to the Internet from your smartphone or tablet is not fast enough. Google AMP removes all the annoying few seconds waiting  in front of the blank white screen browser.

Another important advantage of Google AMP is that it works even on sites that have videos, animations and other interactive content and and it is also optimized for all kinds of platforms. The company has already entered into partnerships with 30 media, social networks and blogging platforms that will be the first with the ability to integrate AMP into their sites. Among them are Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, The Guardian, Washington Post and others. WordPress works and plugin that will enable automatic optimization for their users blogs for AMP. The platform is open source and will be published in GitHub, each volunteer will be able to use it free. The company hopes over time more and more sites to take advantage of Their new platform.

“It is crucial to use for the platform to be open and be freely available to everyone.. This is how Internet works. There is no business relationship behind the our search results,” said the head of Google News Richard Gingras for Forbes.

This is quite a different approach from the initiatives of Facebook and Apple, who also have platforms to optimize the speed of mobile websites, but they are only available to selected partners.

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