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How Do We Know If Our Wifi Router Is Protected

Rauter Security

Security of home networks is not to be underestimated. Nowadays we spend more andmore time on the Internet than in the real world. That is why we need new habits that will ensure our security on the network.

With the advent of home router for accessing the Internet, users received additional security when using the Internet as the router itself offers an additional level of security.

However, experts have speculated that the more reliability a product brings, the more danger there for a false sense of security because there is no single measure of  to extent can people rely on the available options for protection, and when to seek other methods to stop hacker attacks.

We give you tips on how to know if the router is protected


Many users never change the default password that comes with their router. This puts them at greater risk because most manufacturers of routers use the same password for each router that they sell. Unfortunately, every hacker knows it and takes advantage of the people’s ignorance. If you do not change the default password on your router, It is a wide door open to hackers. They will be able to enter your computer, redirect your web traffic and much more. If you use the router for years and cannot remember whether you ever changed your password, you can change it now. Be sure to choose one that is difficult to guess.

RouterPasswords is where you can find all the passwords that manufacturers use in their default routers. You will find that you do not need to be a hacker to find ‘secret password’ of your router.

F-Secure Router Checker

F-Secure Router Checker is an extremely useful service that can tell you whether your Internet connection is secure or not. You have to do is go to the F-Secure Router Checker and click the purple button Start now. The service will start to scan for problems. The results will appear soon after. If there is a problem, F-Secure Router Checker will give you advice on how to solve them.

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