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Smart Gadget Turns Any Surface Into A Remote Control


The startup company Knocki has an interesting idea to make the process of assembling your smart home a little easier. The Knocki device can be attached to tables, walls and other surfaces and allows you by just tapping on it to manage other gadgets, appliances and smartphones.

It can be programmed to recognize up to 10 different tapping patterns on the surface. Each of them can activate different functions or to submit a command. For example Knocki can send messages to the your mobile phone if someone is knocking on the front door.

If you have devices like Nest, Wemo, Philips Hue, Samsung Smart things, you will be able to  manage them through Knocki. For example, tapping on the nightstand can turn off the lights  before bead or make you fresh cup of coffee early in the morning.

The way this device work is that it detects the tapping vibration, this way loud sounds made by something else can’t distract him. There is also a system for recognition of random vibration.

Knocki can be used in combination with the smart locks and security systems. Thus you can enter your home without even pulling keys from your pocket as long as you remember the tapping “code”.

Several Knocki sensors  can work simultaneously and managed from  different rooms. So two taps in the living room will turn on the lights, but in the bedroom they will activate the curtains. The system gives you the option to make templates to activate several things at once.

The device caused some buzz recently and it is gaining popularity on Kickstarter. Only one hour after the campaign started, Knocki has generated the required amount. The firs models are expected by the end of this year. The device will cost $130.