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Most Anticipated Technological Devices in 2016

HTC Vive tech

In the upcoming 2016 many new technological devices will compete for the consumer’s ¬†attention. For some of them the year will be particularly important.

For example Virtual Reality and several different devices that will make their debut in 2016. Among them are the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Microsoft HoloLens and Sony PlayStation VR. All they will try to dominate the market and to meet the huge expectations that manufacturers have pledged in to virtual reality.

The previous years and the tablets, and the smart watch devices also tried to become the hit product that smartphones were, but they never succeeded. Tablets appeared to be devices that are more conceit than necessary, and the smart watches do not even managed to stay in sight of the consumer.

A new try

However, in the coming year we expected new smart watches. Among them is the second generation Apple Watch. The new device will have to correct the problems of its predecessor, increasing the functionality and providing longer battery life. Whether all this is enough to attract more users? It is unlikely, but the clock will be an important step towards the improvement of this type of device that might one day replace the smartphone.

But until that day comes, the smartphones will continue to be among the most anticipated devices. Specifically, the two leaders – iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy S7.

Smartphones have already reached a stage where it is very difficult to present something completely new na inovative, and the users themselves begin to see fewer and fewer reasons to switch to newer models so often. That is why it will be quite interesting to see how Samsung and Apple will try to aquire customers this year.

On the gaming side of things we are expecting for  Nintendo to return to the battle of the consoles with its new gadget. For now simply known as Nintendo NX, the company is carefully guarding all details surrounding this model. The console will have a lot to catch up against the two main competitors РPlayStation 4 and Xbox One Рwhich took a substantial lead, especially after the weak performance of Nintendo Wii.

The company will try to attract attention not only with innovative games, but also innovative technology, so expect an interesting year in the world of technology.

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