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How The RFID chips Will Help Us Find Our Lost Belongings


Do you lose your belongings? How often?  If your answer is “yes”, then you can be rest assured: the technology work in your favor. For several years, researchers from different countries work on new applications of technology called RFID. The abbreviation comes from the English-language term “radio frequency identification” – technology that is used from the early 70s of the 20th century, but which gained momentum only recently thanks to a lower production costs.

RFID chips can be built in any type of objects – schools in the US, even use those inside their students uniforms  to monitor who runs from school. The RFID chips use electromagnetic waves to transmit information about whether the object or person to which they are attached is moving. Their ability to transmit the location of people and property really makes them invaluable assistant in everyday life, and certain cases the technology can even save lives.

Applications with RFID technology are becoming more and more interesting. The latest fashion in this area is the integration of such chips in clothes. One company has already marketed its socks with RFID chips, so one can never lose their favorite pair half gain. That tag sends a signal to a smartphone via application via Bluetooth so every user quickly and easily located even sneakiest and most distant sock in their hose.

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