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Healthy and Quality Sleep With Samsung’s SleepSense Tracker

Samsung SleepSense

We all know the importance of a good healthy 7-9 hours sleep intervals. A shortage of sleep can lead to many serious health problems such as fatigue, reduced productivity, forgetfulness, depression and whatnot. Meanwhile sleeping pills are not always a good solution, so the Samsung Company is offering something completely different – a new smart device called SleepSense.

Presented at IFA 2015, the widget monitors your night’s sleep and analyzes its cycles and when available – provides suggestions for improvement. While working the SleepSense device analyzed the duration and sleep quality, then create a custom reports and recommendations available to the user. All this data, from this Iot device, is available through mobile application.

The company also asserts that the SleepSense device is very simple to operate – it’s enough to download the corresponding application and placed the monitor under your mattress. Then in real time it starts to monitor the movements of the user during sleep. In the morning it gives a full report comparing the data obtained with a data set of average indicators of a typical healthy person.

In addition to monitor sleep monitoring capabilities the SleepSense can serve as an alarm clock, which, however, is smart enough to wake us in the most optimal moment. For this you must use the Smart Alarm function, which activates the alarm just when the user can wake easily and painless, and feels refreshed and rested enough.

According to preliminary information, sleep tracker Samsung SleepSense will hit the market by the end of the year. Prices have not yet been reported, but it has to be noted that along with it the South Korean manufacturer will release other devices which are part of the company’s products and concepts for Smart Home and “Internet of things”.

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