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The Portable Trinity Wind Turbines Can Charge Your Smartphone Or Electric Car


То use renewable energy is a challenge for many of us. Despite the rapid fall of solar panels price, solar power is not available to many – there are a lot of eco-conscious people who do not have a a space to install them. Wind energy is another option in many areas, but there is still a problem if the person does not have land on which to install big wind turbines. Janulus, a Minnesota company that works on creating a weather dependant and portable wind turbines, recently launched a campaign on Kickstarter to raise funds to finance four new easy to use models, exquisitely designed for renewable energy and ease of use.

The company has developed 4 different models of its portable Trinity wind turbine series with a capacity of 50, 400, 1000 and 2500 watts. The turbines rely on 7500 300 000 mAh lithium-ion batteries, depending on the model. The smallest of wind turbines weighs just 1.4 kg. This makes it really portable in the strict sense of the word. Even the largest model does collect in the trunk of a car. Furthermore, the turbines are equipped with two different types of blades, so that the user can “personalize” the models and to take advantage of the high and low wind conditions.

The turbine can power a smartphone battery 3 or 4 times on a single charge and it is capable of generating power even with wind speed of 4 km / h.

The Janulus company launched a Kickstarter campaign for new models – 400, 1,000 and 2,500 watts, the latter of which weighs 19 kg and can be installed in cabins or homes.The campaign reached the required amount of 50,000 dollars (already collected more than 80 000) and the first customers can book Trinity 50 for 369 dollars. Trinity 2500 will cost 5999 dollars. The turbines will be produced in Iceland for more control and better quality.

All Trinity turbines are designed so that they can switch between horizontal or vertical form factors, depending on the wind speed. The largest model has a built-in inverter, through which the device may serve as servicer generator.

You can plug Trinity to TVs, computers, small appliances and even electric car. All these versions have a connector that allows electricity to be fed straight into the grid.

The smallest model – 50 watt – is able to generate enough electricity to charge a smartphone or other small electronic devices, so it is suitable for multi-day adventures away from home. Larger models can easily be used at home, including the living and rental housing (provided that an external space).

It is expected that portable wind turbines will to appear on the market in April 2016.

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